MKT_Beth Hart

Beth Hart

If you’re after someone who will be really singing the blues at the 2015 West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots then American singer Beth Hart is for you. After scoring a Grammy nomination in 2014, she’ll be arriving at the festival for the first time with a catalogue of songs about loss and redemption. Overcoming a battle with drugs, booze and depression to succeed, Hart has been a consistently brave and uncompromising force on the world music scene for years. And we’re super excited to have her mind blowing, out-of-body voice singing the house down at Fremantle Park. Performing world class shows in Byron Bay, she was described as the “the talk of the festival” and she’s sure to bring it to WA after a stellar year in 2014. Hart is known for how well she works with hotshot guitarists, and her 2014 collaboration with blues rock musician Joe Bonamassa was no exception. The guitarist gave up the spotlight he’s used to add in the exclamation marks around her tortured vocals on album ‘Seesaw’. If you can say one thing, Hart has balls!! Who else would take on Lady Soul’s ‘Seesaw’ and sing it differently but equal to Aretha herself?! Described as “simply unbelievable until you’ve heard it for yourself”, we can’t wait for Hart to own classics from Tina Turner, Al Kooper, Buddy Miles, and Billie Holiday on the West Coast stage.

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