Kim Churchill press pic - Single Spark

Kim Churchill

He’s young, he’s talented and he seems to play a dozen instruments on stage all at once – chilled out, surfie dude Kim Churchill sure has it going on. At just 23, the Australian muso has three studio albums under his folk, rock, bluesy belt, including 2014’s Silence/Win. After winning the busking competition in 2009, Kim has become a favourite at the Byron Bay’s Bluesfest, and is now kind of massive in Canada, and the United States. It’s true, the Canberra-born singer-songwriter may look like just another busker, but he’s raved audiences alongside the likes of Billy Bragg, Leo Kottke, Montreal Jazz, Telluride Blues and SXSW. Opening for Bragg during the epic Tooth and Nail tour in 2013, a Vancouver Weekly critic described how Churchill created “a sound I can only describe as psychedelic whale music, ocean-side blues or countrified Nick Drake.” Now we’re not really sure what that means exactly, but it sure does make our Aussie boy sound good. With a super catchy new single offering you a ‘Window to the Sky’, the ex-busker, his booming voice and melody-laced songs will get you up and dancing at West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots.


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