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Lanie Lane

Triple J darling and 1950s-fashion loving Lanie Lane will be on the look out for any dodgy cowboys attending Fremantle Park in March. The ‘Oh Well, That’s What You Get Falling in Love with a Cowboy’ singer will coo to you in detail just why they’re so bad. She may have got her first big break in 2011 when she won a bill slot at the Sydney Big Day Out but the Australian blues-jazz singer-songwriter is no stranger to the Australian music industry. Remember the female voice reaching crazy high notes on You Am I’s single Trigger Finger in 2010? That was none other than Miss Lanie Lane herself. Since then, she’s collaborated with the one-and-only Jack White on brassy rockabilly-blues number ‘What Do I do’, and toe-tapping ‘Ain’t Hungry’, but the lover of all things a bit quirky is known for her raw exploration of life. Lanie not only rocks a 1950s rockabilly dress sense, its 1930s to 1950s Americana that also inspires her music. Excluding herself from the big city lights, Lanie moved to a secluded area of Victorian bush to write and record her raw and deep rootsy 2014 album Night Shade. With her distinctive smoky and sassy twang, and an evolved complexity of guitar compositions and lyrics, Lanie is a sure fit for West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots.

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