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Paolo Nutini

He’s sultry, enigmatic and sports model-like good looks – there’s no doubt Scottish crooner Paolo Nutini will have many a heart-a-flutter when he makes his West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots in 2015. Whenever the shaggy-haired 27-year-old takes to the stage, his dashing good looks and slow swagger draw screams from the crowd, and we’re expecting no different come March. With jaunty, well-written songs and rousing ballads, the debate is still out on whether Nutini is a man of soul, but one thing is for sure – he ticks the indie-folk box. He may spend much of his performance rather elegantly draped, knock-kneed, over his microphone stand but don’t go thinking his performance will be dull! The passion and power in his soulful voice and emotion-packed lyrics will draw in even the most seasoned West Coast-ers. Who doesn’t love a guy who he sinks to his knees on the crescendo of’ Cherry Blossom’ proclaiming, “I’ll be your man to lean on”! After a five year wait, the man considered “arguably Scotland’s biggest musician right now” has released his third album, Caustic Love. And the Independent (UK) reckons its “maybe the best UK R&B album since the 1970’s blue-eyed soul heyday of Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker” – we’ll let you be the judge of that at West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots!

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