Xavier Rudd and the United Nations

He’s one of Australia’s most unique voices, and together with his new band The United Nations, Xavier Rudd is pleased to announce details of his new album Nanna,  out in Australia independently on March 13th Nanna has been long awaited by Xavier Rudd fans, but even more so by the man himself. Last year, Xavier Rudd put out to the Universe that it was time to record his dream project and ancestors from around the world answered his call, delivering a collective of amazing musicians by way of his brand new band – The United Nations The United Nations is a pumping mixture of bass, drums, flute, keys, horns, backing vocals and percussion played by a group of talented artists from all over the world. Never one to do things by the book, Rudd’s creation is an exploration of music from different cultures. It is a celebration of a “One People Musical Force” with a strong message of all people coming together around the globe to return to spirit, to respect the ancient ways, and to protect the earth and the very essence of creation. With musos representing South Africa, Samoa, Germany, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, and indigenous Australia, The United Nations is Rudd’s dream project. We can’t wait to give him and The United Nations a roaring welcome to West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots. 

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