What to Bring


• Your tickets.

• Valid photo ID.  The only forms of valid ID that will be accept are Australian driver’s license, passport or Western Australian proof of age card).  International driver’s licenses are not valid forms of ID under Western Australian liquor licensing laws and will NOT be accepted.

• Enough cash to get you through the day (there will be ATM facilities on site).

• Protection from the sun (hat, sunscreen).

• If it looks like it’s going to rain, appropriate clothing.  Note: umbrellas are not permitted inside the festival.

• Some warm clothing as it will probably get chilly after dark.

• Comfy enclosed shoes (thongs are great, but you may want to give your feet a break).

• Food is OK, but only in bags, not in eskis.

• Sealed plastic water/soft drink/juice bottles are OK.  You will not be able to bring unsealed plastic bottles into the festival.

• Low picnic chairs are permitted.

• A good festival vibe.



• Alcohol or any illicit substances (you risk being ejected immediately without refund).

• Dangerous and, quite frankly, uncool behaviour like moshing, climbing, crowd surfing or stage diving.  Don’t risk being ejected from the festival

• Any unsealed drink containers.

• Glass vessels or containers (perfume is OK).

• Standard chairs (but low chairs are ok), crates, umbrellas (including small, fold up umbrellas – otherwise people won’t be able to see!), large eskis.

• Anything that may be used as a weapon.

• Sharp metal cutlery – butter knives and the like are cool.

• Outlaw motorcycle gang clothing bearing patches, colours and insignias

• Small sized digital devices (phone, Go Pro, cameras) are permitted but professional photography, video equipment and tape recorders are not allowed without promoter permission (i.e. any lens over 20cm, any detachable lens, camera stands etc).

• Animals (guide dogs are permitted).