If you are driving to the festival, then we recommend you use one of the following car parks:

Beach Street car park – 296 spaces
Point Street car park – 296 spaces
Parry Street car park – 172 spaces
Queensgate car park – 850 spaces
Fremantle Prison car park – 98 spaces
John Curtin College of the Arts – 250 spaces, $10 per vehicle
East Fremantle Primary – $10 per vehicle (this provides a car parking spot for the duration of the concert, from one hour before until one hour after the event)

There is strictly no parking around Fremantle Park for festival patrons – please use one of the car parks recommended above.

We recommend you use the free Fremantle CAT buses which complete a circuit around the city of Fremantle. Park a little further away (where there are more parking spaces) and catch the free CAT bus to the festival.